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SEO Consultant Cork – Guest Posting, Blog Writing & Website Optimisation

I'm Steve Kitt - I'm an SEO Consultant doing guest posting, blog writing and content optimisation
Hello! I’m Steve Kitt

My niche is working with solopreneurs and small businesses to optimise website engagement for maximum business growth.

I offer three, free, SEO services designed to get us talking, get us thinking & get us working together:-

Free Guest Post for Small Businesses

Guest posting is a powerful off-page SEO strategy. Also called guest blogging, it is simply the act of publishing your content on someone elses’ website.

Submit your blog post and I will optimise it and publish it for free on my sister site,, giving you a valuable backlink that will boost your domain authority and attract more eye balls to your content.

Free SEO Consultation for Small Businesses

SEO is one of the most important elements of any website, and finding an SEO strategy that works isn’t easy!

My free SEO Consultation offers a structured conversation by phone, WhatsApp or Zoom that includes an SEO 101, me taking time to learn about your business, shaping a bespoke SEO strategy, proposing some specific SEO goals that will benefit your online presence and discussing an SEO plan of action.

Free SEO Audit & Website Analysis for Small Businesses

Have you reached the point when you need help getting your website to the next level? It looks good but isn’t bringing in the business…

Request a free SEO audit and website analysis and I will provide you with 10 recommendations to optimise your website for higher performance, conversions and rankings.


Off-page SEO

I spend a lot of my time working collaboratively with clients blog writing and guest posting; it makes a real SEO difference.

My Collaborative Blog Writing Services


A little bit about me

Who Am I?

Hello! I’m Steve Kitt. I have been helping businesses succeed online since 2002!

I’m an SEO Consultant with a proven track record of success

With 20 years of experience under my belt, I am now putting my digital skills, knowledge, and experience to good work, working collaboratively with a few solopreneurs and small businesses delivering my Guest Posting, Blog Writing & Content Optimisation services to help them compete in this wickedly competitive online world.

I bring my enterprise experience in digital systems, multi-channel e-commerce and Content Management Systems to the popular CMS & e-commerce platforms, including WordPress, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Wix & Shopify.

At heart, I am a curious, inquisitive educator. I love creating bespoke, competitive, digital marketing solutions that benefit my clients and share my digital knowledge and insights with anyone interested!

Now living in the beautiful city of Cork, I work with clients locally in-person and remotely in England using all the popular collaboration tools. I’m a regular traveller from Cork into Manchester & Birmingham airports…


holistic SEO

My Six SEO Challenges for Small Businesses

1. Does your website structure need attention?

Technical SEO

Is your content & taxonomy well structured? Are keywords correctly identified & key phrases deployed accordingly? Are your alt tags, categories, tags & attributes all sorted? Are you organising content by schema? Are you using Canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content issues?

2. Are you listening to your website visitors?

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Are you listening to your website visitors? Why do people leave without engaging? What are their hesitations or concerns? I look for those not-so-obvious problems that hold back conversions using A/B testing, visual analytics, heat maps and website feedback tools.

3. Have you optimised for user journeys?

Customer Experience Optimisation

Have you optimised for user journeys? Identified Personas? Got your sales funnel & marketing automation on point? And integrated seamlessly with 3rd party systems be they CRM, booking or accounting systems?

4. Are you writing blog articles which attract visitors and backlinks?

Content Marketing

Are you struggling to find time to write those all-important blog articles that establish your expertise, authority, and trust? Where does your content fit within your marketing funnel? Is your content reaching your intended audience? Are you using guest blogging sites to attract visitors and backlinks?

5. Have you considered different content marketing strategies to attract & convert visitors?

Content Strategy

Are you successfully differentiating your business online? Are you getting your USPs across? Have you considered different content marketing strategies to attract & convert visitors? Eg. Are you writing thought leadership articles, using campaigns & landing pages, competitions & special offers or email marketing. How is it all going?

content strategy image

6. And are you distributing your products, availability or services far and wide?

Multi Channel Marketing

Are there opportunities to synchronise your content, services, booking calendar or product inventory with the big channels? Have you thought about affiliate marketing? What software is best to manage your business across the portals & marketplaces? Do you have enough time to do all that is required or would you like me to do it for you?


it’s all about making happy customers

Testimonial & Google Reviews

Steve provided a very clear direction for what I should so with my website and he then put together a clear plan to make that happen. He is a very knowledgeable professional who sets and expects high standards and has the ability to get to the point of what needs to happen and what he wants from you. I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to get the best from their online presence.

david taylor happy customer image
David Taylor

My Portfolio

My Guest Posting, Blog Writing & Website Optimisation Customers.

my customers include ShaneSull Fitness in Cork

ShaneSull Fitness

Responsibilities include delivering all on-page and off-page SEO on this Squarespace site promoting Shane’s Personal Training & Fitness Classes. Seeing great results: “Personal Trainer Cork” upto 11th in the Google rankings from zero in the last four months.

my customers include Stephanie Fishwick Counselling

Stephanie Fishwick Counselling

Responsibilities include design, development & maintenance of this WordPress site and all on-page and off-page SEO promoting Stephanie’s Counselling & Psychotherapy business.

my customers include penperfect


My other project… When I am not working on SEO projects for clients, I work on developing my WordPress, WooCommerce and SEO skills which also satisfies my closet love of pens! PenPerfect gives me a platform for testing SEO ideas, learning new software and developing my interest in affiliate marketing.